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MFT Seminar 2014 Cervicals

Myotonic Facilitation Technique: supine pelvic correction

Myotonic Facilitation Technique: prone pelvis correction

Eccentric Break Testing for muscle weakness

Psoas & Iliacus correction

Coracobrachialis – “Myotonic Facilitation Technique”

Visual Error Scoring System (VESS)

Pre-Active Stretching Intro

Concussion Self Evaluation – vestibulo-occular reflex testing

Happy Brain Concussion Care: webcast #2

Happy Brain Concussion Care: webcast #3

Concussion Evaluator Training

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Patellar Tendonitis

Patellar Tendonitis

The quadriceps muscle is a hip flexor and lower leg extensor. [pic 1] It becomes strained, damaged and weakened through activities such as squatting, running, jumping and climbing. The patient with patellar tendonitis complaints of knee pain just below the kneecap...

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How We Can Help the Injured Brain

How We Can Help the Injured Brain

  The majority of patients with mild traumatic brain injuries recover within seven to 10 days. If concussion signs and symptoms continue beyond seven days, the diagnosis changes from acute concussion to post-concussion syndrome. Unfortunately, some patients...

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Cries in the Night

Cries in the Night

A parentʼs guide to relieving childhood pains This booklet is dedicated to children in the hope that they may live happier, healthier lives. Health Concepts: Muscles move bones and can compress nerves and joints. A healthy muscle is strong, flexible and pain-free....

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