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PreActive Stretching Instructor Certification

Overview of Course:

Preventing injuries while functioning at optimal performance requires muscles and joints be prepared to handle loading stresses and strains. Applying an effective pre-activity stretching routine lubricates joints and restores normal slide and glide motion in muscle fibers.

Introduction to stretching concepts and the PreActive Stretching protocols will give a greater understanding of stretching with an intentional focus. Training skills specific to being a coach will be incorporated.

Course Outline:

Basics – 2 hours

Introduction: Why stretch?
Skeletal Muscle Anatomy and Physiology review
Healthy Muscles are Strong-Flexible-Pain Free!
Stretching concepts – animal survival, dynamic motion analysis, crepitus
Self Release techniques – detangle fibers, slowly scrub crepitus, pin & stretch, find & grind, squeeze a spasm, yawn & sigh.
18 therapeutic movement protocols.

Advanced – 2 hours

Group practice
Review of concepts and protocols
Small group breakout – pairs teach each other movement protocols

Practicum – 2 hours

High speed demonstration
Written Test
Groups of 4 – Evaluate, Discover, Explore
[help each other gain feedback, understanding movements and concepts better, refine teaching skills]
Complete Evaluation form

Course Objectives

Participants will gain skills in leading others in a pre-activity therapeutic stretching routine.

Educational Objectives include:


Identify joint and muscle restrictions using stretching evaluation tools.


Improve patient outcomes with proprietary stretching protocols.


Apply self release techniques to improve joint/muscle flexibility.


Create new muscle memory patterns to correct chronic conditions.


Eliminate/reduce joint crepitus with confidence.


Incorporate pain management classes for MD’s and corporate programs.

PAS Instructor Certification Seminar Fee
6 CEU’s – $150.00

*$50 no-show fee. No charge if cancelled 24 hours prior to seminar. We reserve the right to cancel seminars without advance notice.

PAS workout video with Dr. Turnbull $40

PAS slideshow for computer/booklet/handout $20

PAS Large Posters for clinic or gym $60

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“I only attended Dr. Turnbull’s seminar to get my CEU credits [I even brought a book to read in case it was boring]. The seminar was so good that I now drive 2 hours to train with Dr. Turnbull on my days off.

I have had thoracic pain for over five years. The pain would range from mild to severe. When the pain was severe I would get adjusted regularly and the pain would be mild at best. I could not jump rope or jog for more than 10 minutes without my back going into spasms and making it difficult to breathe. I had constant pain all day. Dr. Turnbull worked on my thoracics and the pain was gone and is still gone after four months. This technique is so effective that your patients will see immediate results.

Even if you are not interested in learning a new technique you should go to this seminar just to have Dr. Turnbull work on your spine, it is well worth your time and money. If you have any questions about how awesome this seminar is please email me at or call 304-472-6393.
Thank you Dr. Turnbull for getting me out of pain and more importantly making me a better chiropractor.”

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West Virginia

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